2.0T Boost Tap Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH Boost Tap. The kit should include the following components. Please
make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their specific
parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.
A. Boost Tap (x1)          1. 3/32 Allen Wrench
B. O Ring (x1)               2. Motor Oil
C. Set Screws (x3)          3. 7/32 Deep Socket
D. Nipples (x2)               4. Socket Wrench
E. No Buzz Fitting (x1)     5. Blue Loctite
F. Blockoff Plug (x1)

Step 1: Assemble the boost tap. Start by installing the nipples. Apply a bit of blue loctite then thread them in as far as they will go. Check inside to make sure there are no strands of plastic left over. If so remove these.

Next install the O-ring inside the boost tap. There is a groove machined into it in order to hold the O-ring.
Make sure it is fully seated.
Step 2: Undo the factory accordion hose that leads to the Front PCV assembly on the Intake manifold side. This is done by pinching the connectors on both sides and pulling it out.


Step 3: Rub a bit of motor oil onto the ring inside of the Boost Tap.

Step 4: Apply some blue loctite to the set screws then thread the three set screws in so they are just shy of
flush with the edge of the tap. This makes it easier to tighten once on the car.

Step 5: Install the Boost Tap on to the intake manifold. This is done most easily by using a slight twisting
motion as you push the Boost Tap into place.

Step 6: Snug the seat screws into place. You do not need to tighten these down! The purpose they serve is
to be pressed up against the lip of the intake manifold. Over tightening will cause scarring of the intake

Step 7: Snap the accordion hose back in place onto the boost tap.
Notes: If using the No Buzz fitting, aim the brass end towards the gauge.

If using the block-off plug use a bit of blue loctite on it. The plug does not thread all the way into the
Boost Tap this does not affect its ability to seal.