2.0T True Seal Intake Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH True Seal Intake Kit. The kit should include the following components.
Please make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their specific parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.


Parts;  Tools
 Intake Pipe (x1)  3/32 Allen Wrench
 Airbox (x1)  T15& T20 Torx
 Bolt and Washer (x1 ea)  Flat Head Screw Driver
 Rubber Trim lock (x3 pcs)  Socket Wrench
 MAF Screws (x2)  6mm & 10mm Socket
 DV Port Blockoff (x1)  Hose Clamp Pliers or Channel Locks
 Clamp Kit (3 clamps)
 Silicone Coupler (x1)
 BSH Air Filter (x1)

Step 1: Unplug the maf sensor at the top of the engine cover. You do not need to remove the sensor at this time.

Step 2: Undo the two silver clamps that hold the accordion turbo inlet pipe to the MAF section of the engine cover. This can be done by hand, if the clamps give you trouble a flat head screw driver will also work.

Step 3: Now to the front of the engine. Remove the two T15 Torx screws that hold the accordion hose that is connected to the engine cover and to the factory inlet duct. There is one screw on either side of the duct.

Step 4: Remove the engine cover. To do this, place one hand on the driver’s side rear of the engine cover, the other hand on the passenger side front. You will need to rock the cover back and forth to break it loose of the four grommets that hold it in place. Some force will be required. The engine cover will come off separate from the flexible hose at the rear and the duct at the front of the car.

Step 5: Remove the clamp holding the accordion hose to the turbo on the back of the engine. Use your hose clamp pliers to do this. Remove this hose. There is a rubber grommet inside of this hose, make sure it comes off with hose. If not you can remove it by hand.

Step 6: Remove the factory fresh air duct from the front of the car. This is done by removing the two T15 torx screws holding it in place. With the screws removed the duct will come out very easily.

Step 7: Install the rubber lining on the top of the airbox and mount the BSH airbox to the front of the car. The bolt hole in the box will line up with the threaded eye on the battery box. Use the supplied bolt and washer to hold it in place. Use your 10mm socket to tighten the bolt down.

Note: If the rubber lining pops up, pinch the base of it with a set of pliers. There are metal teeth inside of the lining that will bind the lining to the box.

Step 8: Place the supplied silicone coupler on the turbo inlet. Make sure the coupler is on properly. Use the 50-70mm clamp on the bottom of the coupler to hold it in place.

Step 9: Place the 60-80mm clamp loosely over the top of the coupler but do not tighten it.

Step 10: Slide the BSH intake pipe into the engine bay and slide it into the coupler. Then put on the filter. With the filter on you will want to position the intake pipe so that the front section is locked into the airbox and so that the bend over the brake fluid reservoir does not touch the reservoir or any of the surrounding lines.

Step 11: With the intake in position tighten the clamps on the silicone coupler and the air filter.

Step 12: Attach the supplied DV port blockoff cap to the exposed port and tighten the clamp down to keep it sealed.

Step 13: Remove the MAF sensor from the factory engine cover using a T20 Torx. Install it into the BSH intake pipe using the supplied screws and a 3/32 allen wrench. Plug the sensor back in.

Notes: The factory engine cover will no longer fit with this intake installed. The cover can be trimmed to fit however trimming will prevent you from going back to stock. There are aftermarket engine cover options available.

The air filter supplied in this kit is rechargeable. You can clean and re-charge it using a standard filter cleaning kit available at all major auto parts stores. Do not over oil the filter when you re-charge it, just a light coating is all that is needed to do the job.