2.0T True Seal Stage 1 Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH Stage 1 True Seal Intake for the TSI. The kit should include the following components. Please make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their specific parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.



Parts Tools
BSH Air Filter Ratchet
BSH Intake Pipe 10mm Socket
BSH Air Box Flat Head Screwdriver
Silicone Reducing Coupler Phillips Head Screwdriver
Qty 1 60-80mm Hose Clamp T30 Torx
Qty 1 70-90mm Hose Clamp T25 Torx
Qty 1 Bolt Channel Locks
Qty 1 Washer Pliers
Qty 2 Trim Lok Pieces w/ Bubble Blue Loctite
Qty 1 Trim Lok Piece w/o Bubble



Step 1: Remove the lid of the factory air duct. This is done by hand by freeing the teeth on all
edges of the duct.



Step 2: Lift the factory 90* bend that rests in the air duct out of its cradle in the air duct.

Step 3: Remove the two T25 torx screws holding the factory air duct to the radiator shroud.
Once removed lift the duct out of the engine bay.


Step 4: Unclip the MAF (Mass air flow) sensor from its wiring harness. This is done by pushing
up the sensors tab until you hear it click. Once it clicks you can lift it off the sensor.

Step 5: Using channel locks or a hose clamp removal tool relieve pressure on the clamp holding
the REAR of the MAF sensor to the rest of the intake plumbing. Disconnect the rest of the
plumbing from the MAF sensor.


Step 6: Remove the factory air box from the engine bay. The box is held in place by rubber
grommets attached to metal posts. Rock the box back and forth while pulling up and out of the
bay and it will come out. You will need to use a little effort on this step. Swing the 90* bend
around the coolant line as you remove it. As the box comes out you will notice a long hose that
extended down into the fender, this is a drain hose for the factory box.

Step 7: With the factory airbox out of the bay remove the two phillips head screws holding the
MAF to the air box and then remove the MAF from the airbox.

Step 8: Slide the supplied silicone coupler over the MAF housing. The larger end will go over
the MAF. With the coupler on the MAF, re install the MAF to the rest of the intake plumbing.

Step 9: Remove the T30 torx bolt on the lower left corner of the factory battery tray.


Step 10: Place the BSH airbox into the engine bay. The slotted hole in the back goes over the
bolt hole you have made available in the last step. Put a dab of blue loctite on the supplied bolt
and install it along with the supplied washer to secure the airbox to the vehicle.

Step11: Install the supplied trim lok to the airbox. The part with no bubble goes in the groove
that the intake pipe will go through in the next step. The longest piece of trim goes on the left
side of the box and the other on the right. There are metal teeth inside the section of the trim
that attaches to the airbox, if the trim does not want to stay down, pinch this section with pliers
so it bites in.



Step 12: Install the BSH intake pipe into the silicone coupler. Rest the pipe in the trim on the

Step 13: Attach the air filter to the end of the intake pipe still exposed.

Step 14: Tighten all clamps.


Step 15: Smile, you earned it.

Trouble Shooting:

If you notice any vibration from the car after lifting the throttle you do not have the airbox
secured tight enough. Tighten the bolt holding it place.
It is normal to hear the engine more.