2.5 Liter Cold Air Intake Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH True Seal Intake Kit. The kit should include the following components.
Please make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their
specific parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.

Parts Tools
Powdercoated Intake Pipe (x1) Hose Clamp Removal Tool
BSH Air Filter With Clamp (x1) MAF Removal Tool
Silicone Coupler (x1) 13mm Socket
Hose Clamps (x2) Socket Wrench
MAF screws (x2) Razor Blade
Intake Pipe Bolt (x1) Electrical Tape
  ( ) MM Wrench
  Flat Head Screw Driver
  T20 and T25 Torx Set



Step 1: Un attach the factory air duct from the front of the car. It is held in by two T15 torx screws on
either side of the duct.


Step 2: Disconnect the MAF sensor harness by unclipping the plug from the top of the sensor.

Step 3: Release the tension on the clamp holding the plastic intake hose to the MAF housing. Slide the
housing off the Maf housing.


Step 4: Remove the factory Airbox. This is done by rocking it back and forth. It is held in place by rubber
grommets on posts. You need to free the grommets from the posts. Your engine bay will now look like


Step 5: Unclip the two secondary air injection hoses from the intake tube. This is done by pinching the
raised edges and pulling the hose off the intake tube. Once removed use your hose clamp removal tool to
disconnect the intake tube from the throttle body.


Step 6: Remove the battery to gain access to the MAF wiring. Start by removing the lid of the battery box
and work your way around. The battery box clips together with no bolts or screws. First remove the lid,
then the front cover, then the battery itself, and then the rear cover. The terminals are 10mm and the
Battery tie down on the left side of the battery is a 13mm.

Step 7: With the battery removed trace back the wiring for the MAF sensor. You will see that it merges
into a group of wires that are taped together. CAREFULLY cut open the tape that is holding the wires
together. Use caution to not cut any of the wires or yourself. Separate the MAF wiring from the rest of the
wires. Run the MAF harness in between where the battery goes and the fuse box towards the front of the
car. Tape up the harness to ensure proper protection. You may now reinstall the battery in the reverse


Step 8: Slide the supplied silicone coupler over the throttle body. Install the supplied 70-90mm clamp and
tighten it down.


Step 9: Remove the 10mm bolt in the inner fender.


Step 10: Slide the 60-80mm clamp over the BSH intake and install the BSH intake pipe into the engine
bay. First snake the pipe into the fender opening, position the bracket so it is on the top side of the inner
fender, and then slide the pipe into the coupler. Do not tighten the clamp onto coupler down yet.

Step 11: Using the supplied bolt, bolt the intake pipe into the inner fender. The hardware should be
installed like the picture below. To tighten the bolt down you will either need to use a 10mm wrench or
10mm socket with a swiveling head.


Step 12: With the bolt secured, you may now attach the secondary injection hoses. Start with the smaller
one closest to the throttle body and then move onto the larger one. Apply a bit of lubricant such as WD 40
to the O-rings on the hoses to help them slide in. Once the lines are attached you may now tighten down
the second clamp on your coupler.

Step 13: Using your MAF Sensor removal tool remove the two screws holding the MAF sensor to its
housing. Wiggle the sensor out. Slide the sensor into the MAF adapter flange on the intake pipe and
tighten it down using the supplied hardware. Make sure to put a washer between each MAF bolt and the
sensor itself. Your harness will clip right in to the top of the sensor. Your engine bay should now look
like this.


Step 14: Turn the wheels of the car all the way to the right allowing you to access the inner fender well.
Remove the three T15 torx screws holding the fender liner in place. You will be able to slide the filter in
without removing the entire liner however it is much easier to remove it. With the liner removed slide the
filter onto the intake pipe and tighten down the supplied clamp. Re-install the fender liner.


Step 15: Start the car and check for leaks. If you have any rough idling go back and double check all the
connections on the MAF, SAI Hoses, and the coupler on the throttle body.


Notes: The filter included in this kit is re-useable. It can be cleaned and recharged using a kit that you can
buy at local auto parts stores. Be careful not to over oil the filter when recharging, a light coat is all that is

This installation requires the removal of the battery. When you restart the car a few indicators will be on
the dash and the one touch windows will not work right away. Once you drive a few feet the lights on the
dash will go away. Roll the windows up and down a few times and the one touch function will resume

Your factory engine cover will fit back on with our intake installed.

**This is a cold air intake kit which positions the filter lower in the bumper. Use caution when driving
through large puddles of water. Submerging the filter may result in hydro lock. BSH is not responsible for
miss-use of this product.**