27mm Rear Swaybar Instructions

06+ Rear Sway Bar Installation Instruction:
Thank you for purchasing a BSH 27mm Swaybar Kit.

Please take a moment to verify you have all the supplied parts and hardware for the kit. If you are missing any components please contact BSH or the dealer you purchased from.

This kit should only be installed by a professional. This guide is only meant as an outline and is not intended to teach a novice how to do the job. If you are unsure of your ability stop and take your car to a professional.










All tools listed can be purchased from any major auto parts store.


Before you begin you will need to raise the rear end of the vehicle. The swaybar installation process is most easily done on ramps or with the rear wheels supported allowing the car to sit at ride height. Use proper tools to raise the vehicle and make sure it is properly supported before you begin the installation.

Step 1) Using the 16mm wrench and M6 triple square remove the nuts which hold the swaybar end links to the swaybar. Make sure you are loosening the nut and the triple square.


Step 2) Using the 13mm wrench or whichever size wrench fits your triple square remove the four (4) bolts that hold the swaybar bracket to the rear subframe. Once the bolts are removed, remove the factory brackets and swaybar from the vehicle.


Step 3) Wrap the black urethane bushings around both ends of the sway bar on the inside of the washers welded to the bar. Slide the supplied brackets over the bushings. Reinstall the sway bar by reversing steps one and two. In order to get the swaybar properly lined up it is easiest to get the swaybar end links set loose and fully install the sway bar brackets before you tighten down the end links. You might find it easier to slide the rod from the sway bar end link through the tabs on the swaybar first to avoid having to hold the bar as you tighten the brackets.

Step 4) Using a torque wrench and sockets torque the hardware to the following specs. Sway bar brackets – 2Slbs plus an additional 4S degree turn
Sway bar end links – 40 lbs

Step 5) Grease the sway bar bushings by using the supplied zirk fittings. Use a grease gun and waterproof grease. Two to three pumps should be all that is required. Make sure to wipe away any grease that seeps out.


Step 6) After the first 100 miles check that all hardware has remained tight.


If down the road you begin to hear squeaking coming from the bar then it’s time to re-grease the bushings. This will be environmentally dependent and may not happen for some time. This task was designed to be as simple as possible, just follow step five.


This bar is three way adjustable. The forward hole is the softer setting the rearward hole is the stiffer setting. One in the front and one in the back is the middle setting. We recommend the softer setting for normal street use and the stiffer setting for experienced drivers.


Grease guns can be purchased at the ahrdware or auto parts stores. The grease you want to use must be waterproof and petroleum free. You may see this grease referred to as marine grease.

Below is a picture of a triple square so you can more easily identify it. If you are unable to get these a 5mm hex will work in place of the M6 and an 8mm hex will work in place of the M10.