Billet Pendulum Mount Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH Billet Motor Mount Kit. The kit should include the following
Please make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their
specific parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.
This kit should only be installed by a professional. This guide is only meant as an outline and is not
intended to teach a novice how to do the job. If you are unsure of your ability stop and take your car to a
professional. Do not install this part without a torque wrench.

Parts Tools
Large Billet Body with Bushings  Jack
Small Billet Body Jack Stands
Urethane Insert 5/16 Allen Wrench
Small Bolt (1) Socket Wrench
Large Bolt (1) Torque Wrench
OEM Replacement Bolt with Washer (1)
Zing Plated Small Washer (1)
Zinc Plated Large Washer (1)
Stainless Steel Small Washers (2)


If you notice any of the above pieces missing do not proceed with installation and contact BSH.


Phone: 602-606-7973

Assembled the kit should look like this:


Step One: Jack up the car and put it securely on jack stands. DO NOT WORK ON A CAR NOT PROPERLY SUPPORTED.

Step Two: Support the engine from underneath the car by placing your jack underneath the large seam on the engine. Use caution not to lift the car or the engine during this step.


Step Three: Remove the three bolts holding the OEM mount in place. Remove the OEM mount and set to the side. Two are circled below, the third is the subframe bolt.


Step Four: Apply a lubricant to the supplied urethane insert. Install into the subframe.

Step Five: Install billet pieces starting at the transmission and working your way back. Set everything loose until all components are installed. Make sure to put the large silver washer on top of the bushing to protect it from the transmission. When installed it should look like this.


Step 6: Torque all bolts using a torque wrench. The silver bolts must be tightened to 30 ft lbs, the green bolt must be tightened to 74 ft lbs plus J4 turn.

Step7: Lower car and go for a test drive.