MKV Billet End Link Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a BSH Billet End Link Kit. The kit should include the following components.

Please make sure they are all in the box before continuing. If you bought any additional upgrades their
specific parts list will be included separately. Required tools are not included.

This kit should only be installed by a professional. This guide is only meant as an outline and is not
intended to teach a novice how to do the job. If you are unsure of your ability stop and take your car to a
professional. Do not install this part without a torque wrench.

Parts Tools
2 Billet Swaybar Endlinks with Spherical Bearings Jack
2 Long Bolts Jack Stands
2 Short Bolts 8mm Allen Wrench
4 Lock Nuts 13, 16, 17mm Wrenches
2 Large Aluminum Spacers Torque Wrench
2 Small Steel Spacers Stubby M6 Triple Square


If you notice any of the above pieces missing do not proceed with installation and contact BSH.
Phone: 602-606-7973


Step One: Jack up the car and put it securely on jack stands. DO NOT WORK ON A CAR NOT PROPERLY
SUPPORTED. Once lifted remove the rear wheels.

Step Two: Using your stubby M6, 13mm wrench, and 16mm wrench, loosen the bolt holding the end
link to the rear sub frame.


Step Three: Using the same method as step two unbolt the factory end link from the swaybar. Once the
nut is removed use your triple square to unthread the end link from the swaybar. Remove the end link
from the vehicle.


Step Four: Install BSH End Link per the image below. The bolt heads should be resting on the side of the

bearings with the retaining clips. The spacers should be against the sides with more billet material
covering the bearings. The BSH logo should be facing in on both sides of the vehicle.


Step Five: Re-install wheels, lower car, torque wheels, re-tighten the end link to swaybar hardware, and
go for a test drive.

Check bolt torque after 300 miles.