R53 Competition Catch Can Instructions

Tools Needed

7/16″ wrench

5/16″ Allen Key


Flathead Screwdriver

Drill and 7/8″ holesaw (optional)


1.) Check the picture and make sure you have all the parts and tools listed.

2.) Drill 2 holes and insert rubber grommets.

Using the 7/8″ holesaw, drill 2 holes on the passenger firewall plastic shroud to allow a clean area for hoses to pass.

3.) Assemble Catch Can

Install the drain plug;put the washers onto the buttonhead screws and use them to secure the bracket onto the catch can

4.) Install Catch Can using lock washer

Remove as much wiring/hoses as possible from the bolt right behind the passenger strut tower and in the plastic shroud. This is the proper location for installing the Catch Can using our bracket.

5.) Disconnect Vent hose from Valve cover and install straight barb fitting into the vent hose.


6.) Run hoses and clamp at Valve cover