R56 Competition Catch Can

Tools Needed
7/16” wrench
5/16” Allen Key
Flathead Screwdrive

pdfimg60.jpg1) Check the picture and make sure you
have all the parts and tools listed.
You may have an extra large pipe plug. If using a BSH Direct
Dual Boost Tap in conjution with the Catch Can, please insert the
plug into the Boost Tap to ensure all flow of oil vapors through the
Catch Can

2) Disconnect and remove the intake hose.
Undo the hose clamps located at the top and bottom of the intake
hose; one is connected to the intake box/MAF sensor, and the
other is at the Turbo inlet. Unplug wiring to the sensor attached
to the intake hose by holding the tab and pulling gently toward
the cabin. Unclip the holder for the PCV hose to the valve cover
by sqeezing at both ends and lifting up.

3) Install Orings on the 17mm PCV adapter
and plug into the Valve Cover

4) Cut the zip tie holding the PCV hose to
the sensor on the intake pipe and remove
the PCV hose

5) Install the O-rings onto the 21mm PCV
adapter and insert it into the sensor on the
intake hose.
You may have to grease the O-rings as it is a tight fit into the

6) Assemble the Catch Can
Install the drain plug; put the washers onto the buttonhead
screws and use them to secure the bracket onto the catch can.

7) Choose Mounting
Location and Mount
Catch Can
Mount the Catch Can using
the bolt and lock washer supplied,
either on the factory tab
next to the Intake box, or on
the frame by deleting the fresh
air tube

8) Install hoses
Run one hose from the Valve cover to the Left
port of the CC and the second hose from the
CC to the intake pipe. The new CC is port