R56 Direct Dual Boost Tap Instructions

Tools Needed
1 /8″ Allen Key
5/32″ Allen Key
5/16″ Allen Key
7 /16″ ‘vVrench
Blue Loctite

1.) Assemble the fittings on the Boost Tap for a test fit

Note, the valve cover and stock intake box will restrict either the staight fitting or the 90 when placed in certain positions. The Bosst Tap will be able to rotate once the retention clip i secure, therfore the clio does not have to face the top after tightening. The set screw for the rentention clip and the allen plug are not restricted in placement. DO NOT tighten or Loctite any fittings or plugs at this time.



2.) Unplug the PCV hose from the back of the Vavle Cover.

Squeeze on both sides of the clip and pull back. As you are squeezing you may need to rock the clip off of the renention point.


3) Test fit your Boost Tap
Clip the Boost Tap onto the hose first before
placing the Boost Tap onto the valve cover

4) Remove any Fittings or Pipe plug and place Loctite on the threads

5) Reclip the Boost Tap into the hose first, then reinsert into the Valve Cover.

6) Tighten the buttonhead screw holding the retention clip while pushing back on the retention clip to ensure a tight fit.

7) Secure any lines from a boost gauge or blow-off valve.