BSH Synapse TSI DV Relocation Kit

BSH Synapse TSI DV Relocation Kit

BSH Synapse TSI DV Relocation Kit

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img-5485croppedWhy A BSH DV Relocation Kit: Better throttle responseReduced turbo lagWithstands twice the boost over factory diverter valveMore efficient boost circulationLess strain on turbo chargerQuick access to DVImproved fuel efficiency    By relocating the valve to the front of the engine, closer to the throttle body, the BSH DV kit gets air in and out of the motor as quickly and efficiently as possible. No longer is air forced to stop at the throttle body while being vented at the turbo, no longer is air forced to travel the entire length of the intercooler plumbing before entering the motor while in vacuum, (when not under boost). With the BSH DV kit, you get performance now! The BSH TSI Diverter Valve Relocation can be used to eliminate the factory diverter valve by using the included block-off plate, or can be used as a sequential diverter valve. blockoff3 If your factory DV hasn’t failed, you can leave the OEM in place and install the BSH DV Kit as a sequential diverter valve.Or you can eliminate the factory valve by installing the included block-off plate, and re-installing the valve. Keeping the factory valve in place and plugged in eliminates CELs. BSH Speedshop TSI DV Kit requires a BSH TSI Race intake, or an after market intake with a DV bung. tsi-2.0-race-intake-small If you have an aftermarket intake without a DV Bung call our shop at 602 606-7973 and talk to a specialist about an adapter pipe. BSH Speedshop recommends using the Diverter Valve kit plus the BSH Throttle Pipe  and the BSH Boost Tap for maximum performance. tsi-dv-kit-001




synapseheadThe BSH TSI Diverter Valve Relocation Features the Synapse Synchronic Diverter Valve The Synchronic Diverter Valve is the first compact DV/BOV/BPV that uses the patented Synchronic actuator technology. It eliminates the use of diaphragms with a piston actuator that doesn’t require frequent re-lubrication. It has also been designed to hold upwards of 60 psi, while still retaining extremely fast response (25 milliseconds or less to be exact) to eliminate compressor surge.  This is a great video describing the Synapse valve Complete Kit Includes: Synapse Diverter Valve with BSH 1.5″ adapters BSH DV Block Off Plate BSH Silicone Hoses BSH Mandrel Bent 1.5″ Aluminum Recirc Pipe Hose Clamps Vacuum Hose Recommended Upgrades:BSH Throttle PipeBSH Boost Tap Fitment: MK6 GTI, GLI, and CC with 2.0 TSI Transmounted Engines.

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