Snow Performance Nozzles

Snow Performance Nozzles

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The Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic™ nozzle is the worlds best selling, most advanced, and easiest to use water-meth nozzle. Constructed out of methanol resistant stainless steel/zinc plating, the patented Hyper-Sonic™ design spins the fluid to supersonic levels before forcing it through two venturi shaped orifices to create the “Hyper-Sonic™” micron droplet mist that has become the industry leader in water-methanol technology. Complete with a 80 micron filter, the Hyper-Sonic™ nozzle can be cleaned and re-used on any application. To unlock power hidden within your water-methanol injection system replace your nozzles with Hyper-Sonic™ nozzles today! Features: Robust Methanol Resistant Stainless Steel/Zinc Construction Two Venturi Shaped Orifices To Create Hyper-sonic Fluid Atomization 80 Micron Removable Cleanable Filter 1/8”-27 NPT Threads Size of Nozzle Stamped On Nozzle Highest Atomizing Nozzle On The Market Comes in Following Sizes: (#1) 60 ml/min (#2) 100 ml/min (#3) 175 ml/min (#4) 225 ml/min (#5) 375 ml/min (#6) 625 ml/min

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